Carpenter’s Union Protests Sub-Contractor Pay Rates And Non-Local Labor


Amazing what you find when you take a break from your computer and get out in the street! On the way to the corner for a coffee, I happened across an informational picket at a project to rehab an apartment building at 1445 S. Salina St.

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters is protesting the use of a sub-contractor notorious for not paying standard area wages for workers. In fact, last year CNY Central investigative reporter Jim Kenyon did a story on the very same contractor, J.W. Interiors, paying the same crap wages for work being done up at Syracuse University.


What the UJTF is working for is the same thing the Carpenters are demanding–the folks footing the bill should make sure that the people hired are fairly compensated and from the local community. As Council Representative Brian Noteboom stated last year:

We do feel they should take ownership not only of area standard wages, but it should be best to find local workers, support the local economy.

Last year, the union was asking Syracuse University to play a more active role in ensuring a fair shake to the local workforce. Today it was New York State. So, employers–be you private or public–don’t screw workers or the community!



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