Cleveland Creates Wide-Ranging Community Benefits Agreement For Construction Industry

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and leaders of nine business, civic, labor and trade organizations have created an model community benefits agreement for the city’s construction industry.

Representatives of the city government, business groups, labor unions and large employers such as the school district and hospitals signed a memorandum of understanding committing the signatories to hire a minimum of 20% city residents on all construction projects, creating goals and a mentorship program for hiring woman/minority owned businesses as contractors, increase and improve high school and communnity college-based pre-apprenticeship and other workforce training and creating a Construction Diversity & Inclusion Committee to oversee implementation of the agreement.

While the city is committed to building CBA’s into all publicly funded construction projects, it is hoped the involvement of groups such as the Greater Cleveland Partnership ( representing over 14,000 businesses) will encourage private companies to also adhere to the C.B.A. guidelines. University Hospitals (affiliated w/ the private Case Western Reserve University) has voluntarily adhered to these standards in its most recent expansion project.


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