New O.C.C. President Not Sure About Inner Harbor Campus

Casey Crabill, the new President of Onondaga Community College is unsure of the need for a new campus located in the proposed Inner Harbor development.

I need to understand how it pencils out. I don’t think it’s in the college’s best interest to duplicate what we have at the main campus at another location that’s not that far away. Especially when you think about registrar, bursar, all those back-office functions. It would be hugely expensive to duplicate that. If there’s something else the community needs that we can’t accommodate at the current space, that makes sense to put in another location, then I think it might pencil differently. We need an academic reason or business reason or a community service reason that’s supportable under our current funding model (student tuition pays 55-60 percent of the college’s operating budget), or that comes with additional funding.


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