“Gaining Ground” Movie Event To Be Held at 6 PM on May 19th at Tucker Baptist Church

Gaining Ground flyer

UJTF is helping to sponsor a community film screening and conversation to show how some people have answered the question of creating good jobs for low income communities in other towns and then we can start answering that question here in Syracuse.

In Boston, in 1984, the Dudley Street Initiative was formed by residents “who came together out of fear and anger to revive their neighborhood that was devastated by arson, disinvestment, neglect and redlining practices, and protect it from outside speculators.” The group has a long history of implementing plans created by the neighbors–working together with residents, churches, non-profit organizations, businesses.

The Urban Jobs Task Force, ArtRage Gallery and Tucker Missionary Baptist Church are hosting a showing of the movie “Gaining Ground.” The movie shows how the residents are expanding the work of the Dudley Street Initiative as the groups enters its 30th year.

The movie will be shown on Monday May 19th at 6 PM at Tucker Missionary Baptist Church–located at 515 Oakwood Ave. (corner of MLK, Jr. East)

Food and a reception will be at 6 and the film will be screened at 6:30 P.M. A community discussion on next steps in Syracuse will follow the film.


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