OCIDA Tax Deal for Proposed Destiny Hotel Tied To CBA?


Check out the very interesting article on the continuing saga of Destiny USA developer Robert Congel’s attempts to build a hotel near the oil city shopping mall.

The Onondaga County Legislature chairman Ryan McMahon placed two conditions on any tax deal for the proposed 225 room, $75 million project: 1) a Destiny-funded study on the economic feasibility of another hotel in the area 2) a community benefits agreement that would create a cash fund to benefit the city.

While Destiny did pony up cash for the feasibility study and was apparently negotiating with McMahon and the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency, apparently the hotel project is no longer being pursued. This latest decision to not pursue the hotel could be another ploy by the Destiny folks. Heaven knows they have mastered the art of delay in their decades-long campaign to seek public benefits for private profit.

This whole scenario begs an interesting question: is the best way to blunt a Congel/Destiny demand for more corporate welfare a straightforward counter-demand for a CBA?

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